Risk Based Prioritization Approach — The Way to Provide maximum value in a short time frame. Part 2

Process of Risk Based Prioritization

Benefits of Risk Based Prioritization

  • It helps you to identify whether your requirements are testable. If they are not, then it helps you to convert them into testable requirements.
  • It helps you to put focus on testing activities right from Analysis phase
  • It keeps all the stakeholders up-to-date on requirements
  • It helps you to identify critical requirements. You can then put more focus on testing those requirements.
  • It helps you to communicate Risks in your projects in quantifiable terms
  • It could also help you to optimize User Acceptance Testing by skipping testing of Low Priority requirements in UAT phase. However, for doing this you need to check the comfort level of your business teams and get their buy in.
  • It helps you to streamline your entire testing process



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