How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day

MBTI is a Test for 4 Types of People

  1. Orientation to society, activity (E) or orientation to the inner world, reflexivity (I)
  2. Concrete perception of the world (S) or abstract perception of the world (N)
  3. Makes decision based on norms and rules (T) or on emotions, feelings, attitudes (F)
  4. Orderly actions and judgments (J) or the ability to adapt to circumstances (P)

How to Quickly Identify the Type by MBTI

  • Type E views the world as a collection of objects. To recharge, such people need to mingle with others and communicate. They think by speaking their thoughts out loud
  • Type I is more attentive to their inner world, so to restore energy they tend to retire. Before speaking, they carefully articulate all thoughts in their mind. Their gaze is less active, as if directed inward
  • Type S does more, dreams less. Their judgments are specific, substantive. They feel their body well, their movements are confident. S men can be easily identified by a handshake — they squeeze the palm firmly and tightly, as if feeling the force of the squeeze
  • Type N is more unfocused and in the clouds. In conversation, they often talk a lot about plans and concepts. They often feel insecure, tend to accept others taking care of them




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