Behavior Driven Development with JUnit 5. Part 2

From requirements analysis to acceptance criteria

  • Provide an interactive application to choose flights.
  • Provide an interactive application to change flights.
  • Provide an interactive application to calculate the shortest route between source and destination.

BDD benefits and challenges

  • Addresses user needs — Users care less about the implementation and are mainly interested in application functionality. Working BDD style, we get closer to addressing these needs.
  • Provides clarity — Scenarios clarify what software should do. They are described in simple language that is easy for technical and non-technical people to understand. Ambiguities can be clarified by analyzing the scenario or by adding another scenario.
  • Supports change — Scenarios represent part of the software documentation: it’s living documentation, as it evolves simultaneously with the application. It also helps locate incoming changes. Automated acceptance tests hinder the introduction of regressions when new changes are introduced.
  • Supports automation — Scenarios can be transformed into automated tests, as the steps of the scenario are already defined.
  • Focuses on adding business value — BDD prevents the introduction of features that are not useful to the project. We can also prioritize functionalities.
  • Reduces costs — Prioritizing the importance of functionalities and avoiding unnecessary ones will prevent wasting resources and concentrate these resources to do exactly what is needed

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